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WET GEL Wet look styling gel

Gel with a light, refreshing texture and a strong hold to achieve a wet look that lasts for hours. Soft hold INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Apply to wet hair using fingers and either leave to dry naturally or use a dryer.


Hair resin that imparts firmness to hair. Glycerine, which due to the fact it is hygroscopic it absorbs the humidity in the air, preventing hair from becoming dry and keeping it supple. The gel is easily washed out.   Sunscreen: A sunscreen that protects hair against the UVA and UVB radiations it receives throughout the whole day.


Yunsey WET GEL Gel de efecto mojado

Gel de textura fresca y ligera de fijación fuerte para conseguir un efecto mojado que permanece intacto durante horas. Fijación suave CÓMO SE USA Aplicar con los dedos sobre el cabello húmedo y dejar secar al aire libre o con secador.

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