Hair Salon Wash Point Explained

   Double salon backwash units, single shampoo chair’s and even quadruple massage shampoo basin are so many different types of names for them but they all are suitable for the same purpose and that is to wash the client's hair.

In this case, it really does come down to size as this is one of the chunkiest pieces of equipment that you would need to buy and finding a suitable space for it is the most asked questions. The great news is that there are many different types and you can even purchase a compact one with all the right features available too if you are limited on space.


Choose the right wash point ..


1. The layout of the shop. consider the privacy of the client when washing their hair

2. The quality, colour and specification of chair

3. Consider suitable services and wash point needs;
prolong treatment washes, hot water supply, and leak contingency.

salon furniture design

   One of the most important features is the backwash ceramic sink due to the neck part of the sink. In recent studies the most complained about problem for customers seeking treatments were down to painful experiences that they encountered in a salon whilst the stylist was in the middle of washing their hair that they could feel there neck burning and this was not due to the mixer tap but because there was simply no movement in the sink and that it was unable to be adjusted.  Every client is not the same in height, shape and also in age. Also when deciding what type of chair is attached it is important that it is arched as such that the customers back is supported.

Backwash units are ideal for salon’s and also barbershops but most people think that they are just for the salon and this is not the case.  It all depends on how you would like to design your shop but again taking space into consideration.  Most traditional barbershops opt for front wash sinks built into worktops as they like the overall image but also have the space to create the worktops. Backwash units although quite big large when it comes to space are ideal as it is one unit that everyone can use in the shop together and not only that but are great for budget salons too as Ceramic sinks alone can set you back £249 + vat a piece.


Make it Stand Out..

   When thinking about how much money you would like to spend this would give you an ideal expectation of what you can get for the price range you are in. On a budget in the current market, it is seen that you should be able to get a decent single backwash unit for in the region of £399 upwards with all the basic necessities and client comfort too.  If you have a more premium budget the options can forever be endless along with your vision as there are many new designs available with the option for you to pick the colour and material through swatches that are available and completely tailor it around how you would like it even adding a built-in vibrating massage unit. There are also units available where you can store your shampoos and conditioners on the side on the worktop that is attached to the unit and if your thinking that you want multiple units connected there are specialist furniture companies that can create you your ultimate wants such as L shaped units that flow from one end of the corner to the other. 

As long as the customer does not complain about a broken neck or crooked back and you can see that he/ or she is masking in the lovely-ness of the shampoo suds and it hits your budget, Then this is all that is needed.


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