Thinking of Opening a Barber Shop?


  Having a decent Barber Chair in the barbershop can make life much easier, but what is the best Barber Chair to buy? In order to determine the right barber chair for your Barbershop, there are many factors to consider especially when it comes to practicality, style, and versatility. Also, they say that the working man’s barber chair determines how great the cut will be, as a dodgy line up on a customer could possibly happen due to a faulty cheap headrest and this is down to quality.


 Quality is the most important factor when determining what is right for yourself and staff in the workplace and there are many different types of multi-purpose barber chairs on the market which can make you spoilt for choice however without quality there is nothing.


Choose the right barber chair ..


1. The layout of the shop. accounting for chair size and working space

2. The quality, colour and specification of chair

3. Target clients' characteristics to offer suitable and demanded services;
age, income level, and fashion preference.

salon furniture design

   Then there is space and how much of it we actually really have to be able to achieve the overall desired effect and workable work stations that we want to have.  They say the average barbershop in the UK currently have at least 3 working chairs on the go at the same time next to each other. The most popular Barber Chairs on the market are compact and suitable for different types of spaces and being able to easily work alongside colleagues and clients whilst manoeuvring the chair around.  They should be able to rotate 360 degrees allowing for different types of hair cuts and  treatments and  be fully recline-able due to the beard shape ups and facial maintenance which is one of the biggest trends running.

Many different Barber chair’s look the same when it comes to design however each barber chair is built differently and when it comes to material and the structure of the barber chair, it is very important to visit a showroom and view the barber chair itself to give you the chance to be able to check the chair fully, sit in it and get the overall feel to see if it works for you. This will be able to determine if the barber chair is for heavy use and how much weight it can take and if it is actually durable which is something you cannot see in pictures alone.


Make it Stand Out..

   You should be able to get the overall specification print out on request and be able to have this as a good reference point to give to the designer or builder who is working on your behalf to create your Barbershop. Image is very important in Barbering and is not just for the beauty industry. Men can be beautiful too so making a decision on what style of the barber chair and the impression you want to give to your customers is vital. They want to feel special and leave feeling refreshed.


This is where you can factor in what style of the barber chair and also what theme you would like to bring to space.  Whether it be very traditional, modern or something completely artistic and out of the ordinary there is something for everyone in the market place and all should be viewed.



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