Dream Big...

   Opening a new hair and beauty salon requires both artistic vision and business acumen. The intention to furbish or design a hair salon requires full commitment and attention to details. The project can be diverse as it tests your business skills, technical knowledge and marketing. Under the right leadership, it becomes a high yield profitable investment and a credible asset to its owner.  


Envision Your Dream ..


1. Theme and the layout of the salon

2. The quality and investment options.

3. Target clients' characteristics;
age, income level and fashion preference.

salon furniture design

   Texture and layout are as important as the colour, whilst your business has a brown theme, different textures and brown shades in flooring, wallpapers and furniture can create a better depth and result. It’s recommended to stay consistent with your furniture selection. Avoid mixing too many colours unless you are specifically trying to create a youthful or colorful result. Cafe styles are popular with younger generations and traditional designs bring reputation and taste to your beauty salon. If you can not choose a specific colour theme then black is always the classic choice and always in fashion. Use a clean black and steel finish with added bold colours to bring perspective to your hair salon.

   Faulty furniture could mean faulty business. Although money is scarce, It's better to seek quality over quantity. consider taking a minimum risk, in the long run, to avoid business interruptions due to faulty furniture and equipment as paying a small percentage, in the beginning, would save a lot more in the long run. This is not more obvious than an out of place classic barber chair in a beauty clinic or a cheap kitchen trolley in front of a high street nail shop window. Naturally, salon managers may not notice the subtle shortcoming in their business place but your customer will not appreciate them. they will have an incorrect impression from a faulty chair with a leaking part, mismatched chairs, ripped sofa, broken mirror stations and cracked backwash shampoo chair. since they will have an adverse publicity effect on your businesses image. 

    When choosing a layout and colour theme, ask for a second opinion often from customers and target clients, your design must be practical, efficient and emotional. once you have a design in mind stick to it, changing afterwards may become costly or inconsistent. Order your furniture as soon as you can and do not leave it to the last minute. Most reputable salon suppliers will be able to arrange your delivery within 7 – 14 days however if you choose an Italian range this could take up to 28 days for delivery. Like any business deal, most deliveries are smooth but it is wise to leave extra time for delays due to weather conditions, holidays of changes. Word of caution; most Italian companies will take 30 days to produce and deliver your furniture from Italy. Whilst you must contact your local representative about your specific colour and design, once the order is confirmed changes cannot be made in the same time frame.

   Beware of replicate producers who will pretend a replicate service base on Italian designs. These are often internet-based websites often outside British jurisdiction who will attempt to lure you in taking customise orders with substantial deposit and delivery time of 30 days. Most likely you will not receive your order in time as these orders often come from China and you may have no aftercare or refund option available. It’s best to visit the supplier's showroom and meet them in person. Always do your research to find out as much about the supplier including ask to see their other clients' salons. Do not rely on pictures since the finish, size and quality can be misleading in photographs.

   A second-hand styling chair may look as good as a new salon chair yet vital questions remain to be asked. Who is the producer of the chair? If a part gets damaged can you purchase spare parts? How much does the spare part cost and how long it takes to receive it? A leaky hydraulic pump may only show signs of fault in the warmer season and whilst your second-hand barber chair shows no fault in November you might be left with a leaking part in July by which time you may find that the chair cannot be repaired or even replace if the producer has stopped producing them.

   If your item is brand new and customised in colour, it’s important to know how long it will take to order additional chairs. If you purchase a bespoke white shampoo chair and after a couple of years you intend to add an additional matching white shampoo chair, it’s good to know the option is available and to know an estimate of the time and cost involved. Some producers will run design for 3 – 5 years and may offer you re-ordering during availability only.

   As John Ruskin says “ The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot ”. The impression that a new hair salon makes is thorough its visual look and interior design.

   Avoid copies and fake designs, often these items are produced to replicate the visual look without any understanding of design principle, balance, health and safety and product durability. By cutting production cost and cheap material the barber chair may look familiar yet it’ll show signs of pump failure, ripped upholstery and broken parts well before your business has become establish. The budget restriction is the main reason for new hair salons that have difficulty meeting business expenses, yet, having several faulty furniture. “Less is more” consider spending smaller capital by choosing fewer chair and stations in the beginning with an option to extend in the future.

    Taking a small loan from your local bank often comes with better  APR interest rates than signing a secure credit lease or finance option. As a new business in current economic climates, the tax benefits of a lease service is not beneficial to most small salons and you benefit more from purchasing your furniture rather than hiring furniture if you intend to have a long term business. If you are choosing an Italian brand make sure they have several representatives in the UK in case a supplier ceases operation in the UK as you could refer to other suppliers who could assist you in the future.

   Please note: salon furniture does not come with a guarantee and once customised may not be refundable even before the actual shipment date. It’s always a good practice to ask about any aftercare warranty on the hydraulic parts, pumps, and electric systems. The standard consumer rights will not cover business products and orders as they mostly fall under business use category. By all means, avoid usage of converted furniture i.e. office chair as tattoo chair and home sofas for salon reception. Not only they are unsafe but often in breach of your business insurance cover due to their incompatibility and standards.



salon furniture reception area


   Study your client’s habits, interests, demographics, age and gender will help to strike a correct design and visual impression. A cafe-style salon is much more suitable for a personal business model whilst a boutique salon may get the attention of fashion lovers. Modern slick design with glass finish is an invitation of adult-only and may create nightlife effect, especially if your salon will be working until late hours of the evening. Traditional looks and Victorian style can be a good style for conservative stylists whilst vibrant colors can get the attention of festival lovers. Organic deco can be most suitable for family-run businesses as it portrays tradition.

   Your business name, staff appearance and customer service must match the theme of your salon and consistent. Careful consideration must be done for marketing, price list, use of flowers and posters.

   The most important part of your salon is your reception area. Your front office counter and the sofa is your first point of contact and it’s where all appointments and payments are made. A clean and tidy with the well organised product range and pricing create a retail environment and better-added sale.  Spacious reception area creates a much more comfortable atmosphere for clients and staff.

   Finally, if you need expert advice on design and legal aspects, it is always a good practice to consult a trusted interior designer. Please ask to see their previous portfolio of business design and drawing.  If your business requires building work you may need to hire an architect for planning permission. It’s always recommended to use, trusted builders and technicians, including certified electricians and plumbers.



Can We Help..

   Kazem limited is a London based salon supplier, many hairdressers, barbers and salon owners visit us with an intention to refurbish their salon, to give it a facelift and modernise there existing or start-up new salon. Our cosy showroom in central London is accessible both by private cars or public transport. We have a wealth of expertise in the furniture field and have been participating in major international exhibitions as well as the UK’s largest (Salon International) since 2003. We also deal with a handful of interior designers and TV shows in providing tailored bespoke furniture for their design specifications. So whether you seek customised furniture package, bespoke colour match, Prestigious Italian made or budget furniture, we are glad to offer a helping hand.


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