Latex Gloves L

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Non-powdered latex gloves (powder-free)

Box of 100 large gloves


The tools and instruments are easily contaminated with germs, viruses, fungi, and other pathogenic microorganisms.

If the office or tools are not decontaminated and cleaned before reuse, direct contact with the skin, body fluids and blood will transmit disease from one person to another.

Use our disposable gloves to keep your space clean and virus-free.

The direction of use:

Ideal for use with sterilizing and antiseptic liquids, always wear disposable gloves (we also sell on eBay, check my other listing)

Do not reuse it.

WARNINGS: Some people may experience allergies to natural latex products. If you are allergic to natural latex products, consult a doctor before use. This product is not intended for use on people under the age of 16.

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