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Protein Treatment ( Brazilian Keratin)

Keratin extreme formula

NewHair+® Protein Smoothing Treatment combines the purity of nature with a technological breakthrough, creating this unique STEAM-FREE hair treatment. This exclusive formula is obtained from Brazil and developed in Florida USA. Sourced naturally and produced under American Food Standard Agency’s requirements, it blends the powerful protein formula, beauty Oxi agents with the hydrating reconstructive properties, making your hair shiny, repaired and manageable.

Brazilian Protein Science

If you are not sure how Protein Treatment works, Protein Beautox is the protein that makes up most of your natural hair, it improves the hair fibre and gives it structure. NewHair+® Protein Beautox treatment brings to your hair what it was lacking to begin with and what it has lost over the years; each application removes the frizz sealing your hair silky and smooth. Treatment requires professional supervision and each treatment result can last between 3 - 6 months depending on clients hair condition and type.

NewHair+® Protein Beautox  treatment is suitable for all hair types from Fine and Normal hair to Coarse and Frizzy hair. 

NewHair+® Protein Beautox  Treatment is ideal for clients with resistant and frizzy hair as well as those who wish to add extra nourishment to their stubborn hair. This extraordinary formula restores and strengthens your hair, giving you shiny, sleek, healthy looking hair.


  Protein Treatment Steps  


1. Clarify

Wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo to remove all styling residues. This ensures no section of hair is untreated.


2. Apply Protein Treatment

Apply a small amount of Protein to client’s hair. Do not over-saturate the hair, as excess keratin prevents the treatment from fusing and bonding with hair. For optimum result leave for 30 mins. 


3. Blow Dry to Manage

Blow dry the hair up to 70% to avoid dripping. This will prevent damage to your straightener and simplifies the following steps. Blow dry away from the client’s face to avoid irritation.


4. Straightener to Infuse

Iron the hair using a high quality straightener that can achieve 230* Celsius or 480 Fahrenheit. Repeat each section in order to render the best result. * Protein contains keratin which activates at 230 C.


5. Bonding Time

Protein takes 48 hours to bond with the natural hair fibre. It’s not necessary to wait this long but it will prolong the effect of Protein for up to 6 months. Washing your hair earlier than 48 hours yields a weaker bond. Apply a small amount of argan oil  during the waiting time.


6. First Wash

After the waiting time, wash the hair with the salt and sulphate free shampoo.


7. After Care at Home

Protein contains keratin and amino acid compound, It’s essential that a salt and sulphate free after care is used to wash the hair.  It's recommended to use NEWHAIR after care including salt and sulphate free shampoo, conditioner,  mask and Argan oil serum for the use at home.


  Treatment Video  

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