Eyebrow and eyelash tint No. 4 chestnut


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NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA: The new and optimized formula offers two essential advantages:

1. RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut is now ready to mix with every other RefectoCil Colour and therefore offers a multitude of new tinting opportunities. 
2. The shorter application time of only 10 minutes allows working even more efficiently.

Whether chestnut, mahogany or copper, red is at present the trendy hair colour. An absolute MUST for a harmonious look is the perfect colour match of eyebrows and hair! For those who like, even the eyelashes can be tinted accordingly. In order to do so, use the new RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut. With RefectoCil No. 4 chestnut you will receive a wonderful result in a red-brown tone of chestnut. The tinting result will be more intensive the lighter the natural hair colour is. When used on light blonde to light brown hair, the result will be very intense. From medium brown hair on the result will be more discreet and a beautiful, soft chestnut lustre will appear. The tint is smudge- and waterproof and lasts up to 6 weeks.

 For a more intense colour effect lighten the eyebrows beforehand with RefectoCil Blonde 

Tip: The most beautiful results will be obtained with regular use, as tint will penetrate deeper into the hair and with each application the hair will be tinted more intensely and more durably. Please read the instructions for use!

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