Roller Climaz Floor

Climazone System |   for tint and high light processing 

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Roller Ball Climazone in Silver

The multifunctional roller ball hair processor is specially designed for for speeding up hair colouring, highlighting, perming and conditioning treatments. It features open design with rotating ring that allows you to customize your setting to suit your own products and techniques. Cuts your processing time almost in half. The rotating element of the hair  processor ensures even distribution for fast but gentle drying to the root of the hair for a healthy, radiant look, leaving hair glossy and without frizz.

The Open design allows 360 degree rotation for even processing. Customize each mode to suit your own products and techniques, or use presets. A light pointer pinpoints the center of processing radius for greater accuracy while a thermal sensor monitors hair temperature. Swing Mode allow rotation from 40 to 180 degrees so heat is concentrated where it's needed most. he stainless steel Reflector provides more efficient convection while penetrating deeper into roots for more thorough processing. Versatile base makes positioning around client's chair simple and efficient. 

The electronic controls of rollerball climazone with display windows allows you to alter the heat, rotate setting and timer with buzzer. with digital programs and computerised programs. Robust metal leg base with large wheels to offer maximum height, support and durability. Metal arm support with built in spring system for height adjustable.



Voltage 220-240 V 

Frequency 50/60 HZ

Power 1000 W

Type of heating element - double ring armoured heating element 

Revolving hear roll

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