Hair Beautox System

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Hair Beautox System

NewHair+® Hairbeautox. The NewHair+® beautox range intensively moisturises and deeply repairs frizzy hair to achieve silky, sleek and smooth hair. This is inspired by the ‘botox ‘effect to achieve long lasting cosmetically transformative hair. The innovative formula fuses extreme Keratin and Beauty Acids to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle, the use of advanced technology for the transportation of active ingredients such as natural acids found in sugar cane allows to rehydrate and nourish the hair leaving it extremely supple. Organic micro-spheres are designed to determine their degree of absorption allowing the antioxidants, vitamins and proteins to penetrate the hair cuticle to the desired depth, delivering absolute rejuvenation and nurturing the hair needs.

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  Beautox Treatment Steps  


1. Clarify

Wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo to remove all styling residues. This ensures no section of hair is untreated.


2. Apply Hair Beautox Step 1

Apply a fair amount of Step 1: Beautox Treatment to the client’s hair. Saturate the hair for an evenly distributed result. * Leave 1 cm root gap to avoid skin irritation 



3. Processing Time

Beautox treatment takes less 30-50 minutes to penetrate the hair fibre ( 60min for thick hair, 45 min for normal and 30 min for sensitive and bleached hair ). The application time must not exceed 60 minutes.






4. Rinse and Apply Step 2,

Beautox is rich in Collagen and active ingredient,
It’s essential to rinse the hair and apply Step 2: Beautox Mask at the wash point for 15 minutes before washing the hair again with Beautox shampoo and conditioner


5. Blow dry and hair straightener

Blow dry the client’s hair and divide it into 4 sections. Use a premium straightener and style the hair as required. A temperature of 180 Celsius is sufficient for damaged and bleached hair whilst 200 Celsius is recommended for other hair types.


6. First Wash

Beautox treatment is complete, Beautox lasts 45 - 60 days. Apply a few drops of NEWHAIR Argan oil as a finishing touch.


7. After Care at Home

Beautox contains keratin and collagen compound, It’s essential that salt and sulphate free aftercare is used to wash the hair.  It's recommended to use NEWHAIR aftercare including salt and sulphate free shampoo, conditioner,  mask and Argan oil serum for the use at home.


  Treatment Videos  


Previously known as Hairbotox or Hairb...  formulated by RG Cosmetics in USA Miam  i

This product contains no Botox or Botox driven formulation.
the innovative result is inspired by Botulinum Toxin's effect using oxoacetic acid.
Botox is a Trade Mark of Allergain Inc and has no connection to Beautox brand.  

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