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NewHair+®  Extreme Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment. The NewHair+® Extreme Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment restructures damaged hair with its unique STEAM FREE composition enabling deep infusion to the hair cuticle. This increases the hairs shine and tames frizz with the aid of powerful antioxidant Organic Acai and hydrating reconstructive properties of Brazilian nut oil to leave hair feeling luxurious after treatment.


Treatment requires professional supervision and each treatment can last between 3-6 months depending on how well the client looks after their hair post treatment. The Brazilian hair treatment can be prolonged longer for up to 6 months when NewHair+® Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner is used together post treatment. NewHair+® Extreme treatment is suitable for all hair types from Fine and Normal hair to Coarse and Frizzy hair. NewHair+® Extreme Treatment is ideal for resistant and frizzy hair and people who wish to add extra nourishment to their stubborn hair. This extraordinary formula restores and strengthens your hair, giving you shiny, sleek, and healthy looking hair.


This extraordinary formula restores and strengthens your hair, giving you shiny, sleek, healthy looking hair. by ordering the keratin treatment set you will receive the following package :

1. NewHair+® Clarifying Shampoo 90 ml

1. NewHair+® Keratin Treatment 90 ml

1. NewHair+® Keratin Shampoo 90 ml


How to Use:

Step 1 : Wash the hair with Clarify Shampoo to remove all residues of styling products.

Step 2 :  Towel Dry the hair leaving it 30% wet, this will ensure the cuticles are open

Step 3 : Section Hair Divide the hair into 3-4 sections for application

Step 4 : NewHair+® Keratin Treatment Note : Do not over-saturate the hair with Keratin applying too much keratin will not render the desired result. Apply sufficient amount of Keratin Treatment to hair using a tint brush

Step 5 : Remove excess Solution use a paddle brush to remove excess solution from hair to make the following steps easier.

Step 6 : Blow Dry Hair use a round brush and blow dryer to dry hair completely (100 %).

Step 7 :  Flat iron hair at 230 C (450 F) apply several times to each hair section until all cuticles are sealed.

Step 8 : It's recommended to apply Keratin Serum to seal and protect the hair.

Step 9 : Neutralising Period Note : Do not use a hair band, pin, tie or swim whilst step 9 is in effect. It is advised but not necessary to wait 48 hours before washing hair. You can use a straightener to maintain to finishing look.

Step 10 : wash you hair with NewHair+® Keratin Shampoo (Salt and Sulphate free) After Care Shampoo

Step 11 : NewHair+® keratin shampoo ( SKU : 2212-2 ) and keratin conditioner ( SKU : 2212-3 ) range can prolong your keratin result.  NewHair+® Argan Oil is ideal as an after care serum ( SKU : 2208 ).


* use the conditioner 2 weeks after treatment to allow stronger bonding.

Suffcient for 1 use

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