What are the benefits of Hair Beautox for hair

Hair Beauttox is the new innovative formula that moisturises and deeply repairs frizzy hair from the inside out. This is inspired by the ‘botox ‘effect to achieve long lasting cosmetically transformative hair. It is a deep conditioning treatment that fuses extreme keratin and Beauty Acids to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle using contemporary ingredients like proteins, amino acids, vitamins and lipids. Hair Beautox rebuilds and fills in any gaps in the hair fibres, leaving hair more youthful. The use of advanced technology such as natural acids found in sugar cane allows to rehydrate and nourish the hair leaving it extremely supple. Hair specialists claim that this treatment aims to beautify the hair as the treatment has a high concentrate of B5, E vitamins and collagen which promises dramatic transformation from the first treatment because it works on reconstructing the hair shaft. This hair treatment promises complete hair rejuvenation..


Benefit Summary..


1. Beautox is an innovation of Cologen and Keratin infusion

2. Beautox provides a same day straightening hair look. 

3. Beautox works on the same day, allowing the client to go home with the complete service.

4. Beautox is does not use chemical relaxers and will not damage your hair.

5. Beautox is a professional service that can only be applied by a well trained hairdresser. keeping it exclusive to hair salons.

Hair botox

Hair Beautox works on all hair types from curly, straight, thick, thin, grey, and blonde with the results lasting for 4 weeks. Over the years as we age keratin proteins deplete and this is vital to keep hairs vitality. Also dying the hair can cause the cuticles to open meaning that hair starts to break and loose strength thus Hair Botox works through each strand of hair. It is the perfect remedy for women with hair that is worn out, damaged as well as hair suffering from split ends. Hair Beautox is also a new formula that does not use any harmful chemicals while also aiding dry scalp conditions like dandruff and psoriasis.

The salon treatment can be easily incorporated with a cut and blow dry as the hair serum can be applied for about 40 minutes which is then washed out with a physical change that is visible almost instantaneously. Clients who have had the process done have particularly mentioned that hair appears more thicker and bulks up more as well as protecting the hair from future hair damage. Unlike other hair straightening treatments this process results in silky, straight, smooth hair without damaging the hair cortex but instead ‘injects’ nutrients into them without the use of any harsh chemicals. It is highly recommended to do the treatment every 4 months especially if a lot of hair colouring is done in order to maintain sleek and shiny hair.


Retail After Care at your salon..

Hair Beautox provides a long term and deep conditioned solution to hair that needs to be revitalised. Post Hair Beautox after care is vital to ensure that clients maintain the treatment and are fully satisfied once they leave the salon. Once they see the instantaneous effect of the treatment in the salon they are going to want to keep the ‘hair botox’ effect. Due to the trust that the client gets within the salon it makes it beneficial to retail the after care beautox shampoo and conditioner at your reception or check out point, it becomes an after care product that can exclusive to your salon and essentially provide a return customer loyalty and recommendation to friends and family.


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Blog : Hair Beautox !

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Blog : Hair Beautox !

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