What are the benefits of Brazilian Keratin for hair

The Brazilian Keratin treatment is the 21st century's solution to eliminate frizz, damaged and untamed hair. It is a semi-permanent straightening solution that lasts up to 3-5months. Naturally our hair is made up of 95% keratin, however due to damage caused by dyeing hair and using thermal heat like blow drying and straightening the hair, the hair begins to lose its natural lustre. The keratin works in combination with heat as it allows the treatment to sink into the hair cuticles creating a protective protein layer that resets the hair back to its original integrity. Brazilian Keratin is also great for those looking to rebuild new keratin proteins with the old keratin protein that has been damaged from bleaching and dyeing.


Benefit Summary..


1. Brazilian Keratin treatment tames the hair and gives it a smooth young look.

2.  Keratin treatment repairs dry cuticles and cuts the daily styling time required at home.

3. Keratin prolongs the hair colour result and brings shine and vitality to high lights.

4. Keratin is a professional service that could only be performed correctly by a well trained professional hair salon, this makes it exclusively availbale to hairdressers

"Brazilian Keratin

The formula derived from South America where a female embalmer realised that the chemical formaldehyde used to embalm corpses actually straightens the hair. Originally straightening treatments in the early 2000s used harsh chemicals like Thiogylcolate which left hair absolutely limp and lifeless. Although over years of research and developing new formulas Brazilian Keratin is a modern and safer option as it includes lower pH amino acids than straightening treatments over 10 years ago. Furthermore, the older straightening treatments used a Formaldehyde solution which is now considered to be potentially harmful to health especially for pregnant women therefore it is used less frequently in salons. Brazilian Keratin is now a highly reputable treatment for those really struggling with unruly hair ever since it debuted in UK salons in 2008. Brazilian Keratin is suitable for all hair types from normal to coarse and frizzy hair. There are different variations to the Keratin treatment such as the Brazilian blow dry. A good candidate for a Brazilian blow dry is those with frizzy, damaged and processed hair. The blow dry also helps to maintain the natural wave and curl of the hair while maintaining body and bounce and greater memory for styling and blow drying. The Brazilian blow dry is considered to be a swifter process of 90 minutes in comparison to the keratin treatment that takes 2-3 hours. Both the Brazilian Keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowdry both help to complement coloured hair by sealing in the cuticles with amino acids making the hair rich in colour and penetrating the hair with nutrients.


Keratin after care..

Post Keratin treatment is vital to maintaining the luscious look provided that you have good after care. For instance using salt and sulphate free shampoo every single time you wash your hair is essential so that you do not strip the hair of the keratin and maintain longevity. Lifestyle choices are also very important like swimming in salt water and chlorine pools even though it won't damage the hair it will most certainly shorten the treatment life span. Therefore, it is advised that a swimming cap is worn or that a keratin infused conditioner is applied to the hair before swimming. It is also recommended to continue the treatment while taking a couple months break in between as it is beneficial to the cycle of your hairs natural cycle.


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