Face Steamer

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Facial Steamer 

with 30 Timer and Ozone Function.

Moisturising face spa for hydration of skin and removal of impurities. can be used with face mask, scrub and skin treatment. with built-in Ozone Function for disinfection of water from bacteria and infection. ideal for use by beauticians for facial treatments and by barbers for pre-shaving and irritations. easy to assemble base with wheels for ease of use in salon. with adjustable height to suit all chair heights. 60 minute safety timer to avoid over heating and dry work.

Note: if British tap water contains calcium carbonate and results in built-up to limescale in the machine and damage it.  Whist bottled water or filtered water has less concentration of the residue  they only delay the clogging effect.  It's important that clients source Distilled Water from major DIY suppliers to use with the Steamer. Failure to use correct water may void the warranty.



Voltage 220-240V 

Frequency 50 HZ

Power  Type of heating element - armored to immersion

Heating element's material - steel

Colors - white clinic



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